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The Big Move to Cairo

Moving to a new home could be very overwhelming, but moving to a new home in a completely different city / country than what you’re based in is even more nerve racking. Since we’ve all been through that at one point in our lives and we know that it’s definitely not an easy process to go through, we made sure that we provide all our insights and tips that were based from personal experiences, to help ease up this process and make it as nice and as effortless as possible.

One way or another we’ll all have to agree the Egypt is like no other country, not in the MENA region, and definitely not like any other country in the world. From rich culture, vibrant lifestyle and friendly locals, living in Cairo would be a blessing.

With Cairo being the home to more than 7 million Egyptians, and holding hundreds of communities and sub-communities it’s certainly challenging to pick an apartment, villa or townhouse for your new home. Yet with the right tools, strategies and plans you could find almost everything you might need in Cairo.

For starters it’s very important to know for sure that you use a reliable source of information and a trustworthy real estate portal that would help you have a look some the region’s most promising and suitable set of properties. Make sure that you have a look at a vast number of property types in various areas all over Cairo before you make up your mind on where you would like to move into. From townhouses and villas in closed and gated compounds to villas and apartments in standalone apartment buildings there’s a wide range of property types that you would have to choose from.

Choosing a property type would be easier made if you already have an idea on what type of amenities that you wish to have surrounding your home. For instance if you wish to have free and complete access to pools and fitness centers, go for an apartment or villa for rent / sale in a gated compound. Most of the gated compounds that are found in Cairo promise their residents 24/7 security, top notch finishing of the properties, and proximity to supermarkets and complexes that would meet all their needs and wants.

Yet for all the ‘Old Cairo’ lovers, the ones that are still hooked on Zamalek’s green streets and mesmerizing Nile views we fully support you to pursue any property you find suitable in Zamalek, Maadi or even Mohandessin. Forget about anyone who tells you these areas are not new or fully developed, because having a panoramic Nile view from the comfort of your terrace or living room is worth everything!

Traffic and Cairo are two words that would simultaneously be found in the same sentence. Yet there are many ways of avoiding traffic in Cairo, and that heavily depends on where you choose your next home should be. To avoid Cairo’s well known rush hour try to choose a property that’s close to your future work place, and your children’s schools. Not only will you have more time to sleep, but you would avoiding one of Cairo’s focal nightmares.

With how the moving processes tend to be hectic and tiring everyone tends to forget how exciting it is to move to another home! The following tips would thus help with your upcoming moving process:

• Create a detailed list of the things that should be packed (and in which boxes would each of these items be placed)
• Pack by yourself all your valuable belongings and delicate items that can be easily broken, such as vases, expensive paintings, and art pieces (To avoid having any of these items lost, scratched or even broken)
• Create moving boxes for each and every room (To make it easier for you to settle everything in when you reach your new home)
• As for the big furniture make sure you hire a moving company to pack all of that for you (Not only will it save you more time to actually focus on other things, but the movers will be the ones wrapping everything properly and more efficiently, as they’ve got more experience with this)

We believe that Egypt’s real estate sector is one of the country’s promising sectors that guarantees high returns of investments for all its investors. Take the time to study the market, and to research the most featured areas that would promise high returns of investments in the future; to ensure that you make a wise decision.

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