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Real Estate and the Flotation of the Egyptian Pound

The Egyptian financial conditions have been in shambles recently since 2012, however less than a year ago due to the governmental issuing of the floatation of the Egyptian pound, a massive devaluation of the national currency has occurred in which prices have hit the roof in almost every aspect of living from real estate, to costs of living, which has been causing extravagant problems in the financial communal and social attributes of the local residents of Egypt, however to the foreign investors it has offered  a great opportunity for an investment in Egypt due to the devaluation of the Egyptian pound which in financial terms has a decreased relative value in terms of majority of the foreign currencies, thus if prices been calculated and compared to the US dollar, it would show prices have significantly decreased.

The Egyptian pound is extremely tied to the US dollar, which makes it a perfect investing prospect, the financial assets of the country are trying to compensate the loss of their devaluation in terms of dollars, which has caused the Egyptian real estate market to be unstable and triggered a massive rise in prices up to 15%-20%, however for some investors is most important to focus upon two aspects, the location, and the community. A psychological study has shown that majority of the people do invest in certain locations with specific communal attribute where the good living and environment is the key to that selection and the financial evaluation of the property itself according to its location and communal chain.

However, some areas have determined to maintain its prices compared to the US dollar as its markets has been based on such, i.e.: Kattamya Heights is known to be the hottest of location and communal status in the real estate industry and living in Egypt where their prices have never been affected by the floatation as they would simply compensate their prices in terms of the US dollars.

Thus, it is a golden opportunity to invest in Egypt.

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