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Living in Cairo’s New Suburbs

With the endless number of compounds and residential communities that are being developed in Cairo’s suburbs, many Egyptians along with expats are choosing to move to them. Cairo provides a wide range of the most elite communities and gated compounds that range from Sheikh Zayed City, Palm Hills, 5th settlement , Al Rehab Madinaty and numerous other neighborhoods. With the supply of all basic and additional amenities & services provided by various facilities there’s nothing holding you to continue settling in one of the most populated and crowded cities in the world.

Even though many may misinterpret living in suburbs as living in the farm or in a secluded part of the city that is surrounded with absolute nothing, we would have to completely disagree to that! Cairo‘s new real estate developments that are currently being established along its suburbs are providing expats and Cairo’s citizens with an opportunity to move away from Cairo’s constant traffic, noise and overpopulation. Whereas gradually more prestigious schools and universities have been either setting up or establishing new branches in these suburbs. In which these new suburb compounds and neighborhoods are building a community feeling and essence that its residents are glad to have.

Knowing that the neighborhood you wish to settle in is moderately growing and more people are moving into it, it would usually give a peace of mind. As now more families could easily take part in all social activities, such as house parties and community fairs  that usually occur in your residential communities. Hence more cafes and restaurants are being developed at these new suburbs, along with all the other basic facilities that anyone would want close to their home.

As living in Sheikh Zayed City usually requires an hour drive to reach downtown Cairo, and maybe even around two hours during rush hours. It’s completely absurd for its residents to have to hit the highway every time they need to go to a shopping mall, hypermarket or even a general medical center. Thus during the past couple of years more established and facilities have been getting developed in Sheikh Zayed City and servicing hundreds and thousands of its residents.

If you choose to stay in a real estate property in Sheikh Zayed City, whether it be in a gated one of its highly luxurious gates communities or not, you would now be relatively close to Mall of Arabia. Being the new local subsidiary and the heart and soul of the community, Mall of Arabia serves its visitors from a wide selection of international and local restaurants, cafes, commercial stores and hyper markets. Other than Mall of Arabia, HyperOne and various other shopping malls being developed along Cairo’s suburbs you could still also find a number of plazas and outdoor retail complexes that are developed in a number of communities, and which you could find right around the corner from your home.

Overall we’re excited about all these new developments getting established just a couple of minutes from everyone’s homes in the suburbs, and we highly recommend you have a glance at all these new communities that are currently being developed there, if you’re thinking of relocating to a new place in Cairo.

Comment with your favorite new suburban community and let us know what are your favorite characteristics and features about it!

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